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Well That Ricky Holmes Is A Find Isn't He?
Pride of Herts or something. By: Eric Hitchmo 22/07/2010
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Friendly 21/07/2010
2010-2011 Attendance: 898
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"Pre-Season is not the most exciting of times. Work commitments kept me from Thurrock, the general experience of the Arsenal game meant I did not want to be there (though I did watch it on ArsenalTV) so therefore my first game of the season was against Watford last night. My word these games are dull.

Before we get onto that though, the night was tinged with more than a hint of sadness. News had filtered through that a fellow Barnet fan Paul Whisken, who everyone knew as Lonsdale, had lost his battle with Leukemia and passed away earlier that day. Not every Barnet fan knew Lonsdale, and many knew him better than me, but it is a horrible loss. Lons was part of the ADB when it first started up back in the 80s and was a well known face at the club into the present day. I remember a few away trips where he was present with us and you would struggle to meet a more knowledgeable, funny and genuine chap. When I write for DSH, I often cite 'the old boys' and their fondness for telling a good story of what Barnet was like before my time. Lons was one of those. He could tell a great story. I certainly hope the club does the right thing and remembers this loyal supporter of many years. Everyone has seen this picture, the one that adorns the banner of this site. It's a classic for so many reasons. But then look at the front. There's a man with a bandage on his hand from an earlier gardening accident. Despite this, he's still made it to The Chavs away, and he's still giving it plenty to the home fans! Brilliant! You will be missed Lons!

The game started slowly last night, but in the second half it sprang into a bit of life, if you can say that about a friendly. There were a few stand out names from the evening though and some of the trialists certainly look worth another go. That was when I able to put names to faces and work out who all these new people were. And at least we do know where we need some serious strengthening.

The defence looked reasonably solid with Devera on the right, Uddin and trialist Prosser in the middle and an increasingly impressive Jordan Parkes on the left. You would assume that Darren Dennehy would be first choice to partner Uddin but Prosser looks as if he could be a fair back up. My personal jury is still a little undecided, but he looks as if he could be a good option. In midfield, Rossi Jarvis and Forest loanee Mark Byrne (who bore a striking resemblance to that naughty one off Skins, the popular teenage/young adult drama) formed the centre along with Glen Southam, and were flanked by trialist Mark Marshall on the right and Ricky Holmes on the left. Danny Kelly was the solitary man up front.

It looks as if Stimson may be employing this 4-5-1 system this season if these friendlies are anything to go by and the search for a big striker is on. On last night's showing I don't think Kelly is the answer, which is harsh to say after such little viewing. There's plenty of time to prove himself yet. It was on the wings where I was most impressed last night. Mark Marshall, a diminutive former Swindon man tricked and turned his way into many a good position. His delivery was not always fantastic, but he showed some raw potential, that's for sure.

But the most impressive man of the night by far was Ricky Holmes. He was outstanding and looks to be a particularly excellent find. He was strong on the ball, he chased back and showed endless workrate for the team and looked dangerous in the final third. He also took his goal well. After good work by Danny Hart, who put in a very good stint late on, he found himself through on goal and finished into the far corner assuredly. Something tells me this won't be the last goal we see from Holmes.

While you can't read into friendly results that much, and while Watford weren't exactly at full strength, or very good, it was an encouraging show from the team and some of its individual parts. Let's see what Saturday brings."

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