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It's All A Bit Quiet Isn't It?
It's Christmas and everything! By: Eric Hitchmo 22/12/2009
Aldershot Town A
26/12/2009   (Click date for match details)
League 2009-2010
L  0- 4
Attendance: 3231  (320 Away)
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"It seems like a pretty long time has passed since that drab Crewe defeat. It's only ten days, yet I have barely given football a passing thought of late. Perhaps it's because, well, there isn't really much to get excited about right now.

Saturday's trip to Accrington fell victim to the inclement weather. I was never due to attend due to a perfectly timed family meal (those of you who have read this site of late will be aware of my utter disdain towards Accrington away) however the prospect of a Tuesday night in this cesspit fills me with a sense of woe and even injustice. The question, what did I, and us other Barnet supporters who are gonna brave it, do to deserve such a thing? Good pies in the pub though.

Our next opponents are Aldershot, who like us were unable to play last weekend and have also lost their last two games, one of them at home to struggling, uninspiring northern opposition in the FA Cup. Bit of a pattern there? In their league defeat, they somehow conspired to lose 6-1 to Burton Albion. Considering The Shots' half decent form of late, and considering how very very average Burton were, it's a wonder how this result happened. Is there any actual evidence it did? Answers on a postcard to the normal address.

I'm not sure we require reminding about our away record and how long it's been since we did anything half decent away. Oh go on then. Our last win was at Northampton in September, when we went top, remember? Since then we've played seven away games in the league, gaining one point. We have scored three times in these games. At the risk of rambling, the simple fact is that this is not very good. Obviously. Does this leave much hope for Aldershot then? Is the confidence sapped from this team?

The undefeated home record has also gone, does the negativity stop? I'm sorry I just can't help my cynicism here. I will be positive eventually, I will.

I've heard some very distant grumblings about Ian Hendon's position from minimal quarters. Oh come on. Is this for real, or am I just being roped in by a nicely placed wind up here? Yes we've slipped down the table and we limped out of the FA Cup with barely a whimper, but surely these calls smack of pure foolishness. What are we? Impatient Premiership supporters demanding success after millions of pounds have been poured into the club? No, I didn't think so either, so do get a grip.

Ian Hendon has had to scrape together a side on the tightest of tight budgets. We've seen what they are capable of, but no player can perform to their best every single week. Unlike before, we have a manager who is not afraid to chop and change things where he sees fit. If something doesn't work, it is changed, it's as simple as that. I like that. Though I don't like that things do not seem to be working right now.

Some players are clearly low on confidence. Maybe this 'break' could be a blessing in disguise. A real chance to sit down a root out the problems that have seen us slip from where we want to be. There are things to be positive about. John O'Flynn is class, no doubt about it, but he has missed gilt-edged chances of late at crucial times. Still, he has ten goals to his name already, he must be doing something right. His partnership with Craig McCallister does look promising too. I'm hopeful that they'll run amok amongst an Aldershot defence spearheaded by Anthony Charles himself. THE Anthony Charles. He must be doing something right, just a shame very little of it was in a Barnet shirt!

News surfaced a while ago about an injury to Jake Cole. Do we really need that? A fine goalkeeper, certainly the most accomplished of a number of years past, ruled out? That's a worry, though the signs appear good about a return on Boxing Day.

I always like going to Aldershot. Who could forget Simon King's volley, or when we played there on Sky and shared a raucous atmosphere on one of the best terraces around. Bar an unsavoury incident after last year's game, it's always a good trip and though trains won't be running down there I'm sure it'll be a good one. Maybe we'll have a few fans down there...

I'm hopeful rather than confident. Someone do us a favour...!"

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