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Not Good Enough
Crap. By: Eric Hitchmo 27/12/2009
Aldershot Town A
26/12/2009   (Click date for match details)
League 2009-2010
L  0- 4
Attendance: 3231  (320 Away)
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"Well here we go again. Time for some more questioning of this livelyhood we hold dear. It's becoming a recurring theme isn't it? It has to be said though. This is just not good enough. The team, the football, the fans, everything is just not good enough.

They've got no confidence in themselves. They've got no heart. We weren't bad yesterday, until they scored. We're on this slippery slope with no way of getting off it, seemingly. You could see that as soon as Aldershot poked their noses in front, which they barely deserved to do, the heads fell and we were to be served up as fodder to be toyed with again and again until The Shots had indulged enough and had their fill.

We've established that this lot aren't good enough, but they were a particular disgrace again yesterday. In showing no heart, they showed disdain for the shirt they wore on their backs and the poor numerical following in the corner of the ground. It was a decent atmopshere in the first half, but this fizzled out into justifiable moans and groans as eleven men ambled round the pitch aimlessly with no fight or will to put their unacceptable performance right.

Even the manager has conceded such a thought. As I have said previously, it's good to see that this is being acknowledged and we are attempting to change it, however the real shame is that it actually has to be said. Why can't things just go back to Northampton away when we were top. I said that night that afternoons like yesterday were well worth it for nights like that. I'm just not sure I can agree with that at the moment.

The very essence of this site is to try not to take things too seriously and have fun. That's what we did yesterday. We travelled down in good spirits, knocked back a few beers in a nearby pub and had a good old sing song in the first half. I mean, why not?! If all we did was watch the ninety minutes of football and go home, we'd all go mental I'd wager. Undettered by another horrendous display of football, more drinks were shared throughout the night. The social side of football is becoming more and more important by the week. Upto about 90% now I reckon.

Aldershot didn't trouble us much in the first half and we had some half decent forays. However, once our fragility at the back had been exposed it was a question of how many the home side fancied. Go on, just rub it in our faces.

The second goal was a real joke and knocked the stuffing out of some well oiled voices on the terrace. The defence stood off the advancing striker, and invited him to pass it beyond the helpless Jake Cole, who was again not at fault during the 90. The striker, John Grant, probably couldn't believe his luck. A guard of honour appeared to form in front of him, ""help yourself, we're clueless"" was muttered as he strolled through and slotted home. Nightmare.

The third was an absolute quality free kick, nothing we could have done about it, aside from something of a ridiculously unnecessary challenge right on the edge of the box. Kenny Gillet's sheer clumsiness allowed the slaughter to continue. Something strange happened in the box for the fourth, I didn't see the incident from my newly adopted position along the side in the pissing rain. Penalty nonetheless, placed in with no fuss. What a horrible mess. Do you fancy any more? Gowon. Fill your boots.

To rub salt in the wound a little more, the players barely showed any sort of apprecation. But then would you face such a thing having put in such minimal effort? Some skulked their way straight down the tunnel with not a second's thought, while others ventured into the centre circle and offered the slightest whimper of an applause. The sort of applause you'd give at a pretty bad live music show or something, y'know, where you feel like you should because it's the polite thing to do.

Even the staunchest of supporters, the most loyal among us are questioning what's going on at the moment. Where are our next points coming from? This question was placed at me yesterday, one which I struggled to answer.

Ian Hendon has hinted at January change, let's hope so eh?"

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