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East Terrace Central
Terrace  Capacity: 357
This is where Barnet's nutters stand, absolute nutters the lot of them! Just mad. Expect much witty banter and incisive commentary from these fine gentlemen (and women)

After the big Underhill shake up of 2006, the vocal lot moved here from the other side of the central barrier. With away fans on the other side of this barrier, local youngsters have taken to berating them during the game, for a laugh.

Unfortunately, this has led to isolated incidents of silliness on both sides of the barrier and the area has suffered from occasional closures and a distinct drop in volume over the years. Nonetheless, a group of like minded supporters aim to keep the atmosphere up with flags and whatnot. Not my cup of tea personally, but who am I to rain on the parade?

It used to be the place to be, but having become akin to a playground over recent years, no thanks...

East Terrace South
Terrace  Capacity: 765
Such was the 'swap' in the East Terrace, that the lot who used to stand at the top end are now generally located here.

It tends to house your more cynical Barnet supporter, with the noise from the Central section being countered with general grumbles of dissatisfaction from veterans of the Popular Side.

With its shocking view, this used to house away support, but now they get the 'best' terrace view in the house. Such is life.

South Stand
Seating  Capacity: 1016
Newly built in 2007, the South Stand bought Underhill to Football League standards. Brilliant.

It used to be a temporary structure (it stood for about ten years) with appealing green seating and was another home for away support. Before that, the 'famous' West Bank stood here, with many Barnet fans being able to tell many a tale about terrace antics in its heyday.

For a while it seemed this may become an area to get some decent vocal support going, but has been inhabited by families, as we are of course a 'family club'. Fair enough, get the youngsters in, none of the local adults want to come anyway...

Community Stand
Seating  Capacity: 214
Formerly the family stand, this little shed sits in the Main Stand's gargantuan shadow.

A pretty woeful view awaits any who sit here, and it is generally used these days for community tickets. There's not really much else going for it, apart from quick access to the nearest bar.

Main Stand
Seating  Capacity: 784
Arguably the best view in the house, even with another one of those view obstructing posts right in the middle of it.

Quite how the decision was made to install blue seats is a mystery, but they serve a purpose, which is all you can really ask of a seat.

Noise levels have steadily increased in the last few seasons as a number of supporters have relocated from the opposite terrace. Keep an eye out for those ruffians in Block C though...

North West Terrace
Terrace  Capacity: 510
Description about NWT

North Terrace
Terrace  Capacity: 680
Description about NT

North Family Stand
Seating  Capacity: 240
Description about NFS

East Terrace North
Terrace  Capacity: 1022
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