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 Here is a full list of players who have either represented the club or been registered as players since 1912, which you can navigate by selecting the first letter of their surname below.


 Name  Dates Active  

ABBISS, K 1951-1953View 

ABBOTT, Gary ABBOTT Born In Catford On 07/06/1964 1987-1989View 

ABDULLA, Ahmed ABDULLA Born On 12/11/1991 2012-2014View 

ABRAHAMS, Tanaseh  View 

ABREY, J 1941-1942View 

ACASON, ??  View 

ACHEAMPONG, Anthony ACHEAMPONG Born On 23/03/1990 2013-2014View 

ADA, Patrick ADA Born In Yaounde On 14/01/1985 2005View 

ADAMS, Kieran ADAMS Born In Cambridge On 20/10/1977 1994-1998View 

ADAMS, Charlie ADAMS Born In Hendon On 16/05/1994 2014View 

ADAMS, Charlee ADAMS Born In Redbridge On 16/02/1995 2018-2020View 

ADAMS, D  View 

ADAMS, Lou 1970-1981View 


ADELOYE, Tomi ADELOYE Born In Sidcup On 17/02/1996 2021View 

ADEMENO, Charles ADEMENO Born In Milton Keynes On 12/12/1988  View 

ADJEMAN-PAMBOE, Kwame ADJEMAN-PAMBOE Born In London (England) On 24/10/1987 2011View 

ADOMAH, Albert ADOMAH Born In Lambeth On 13/12/1987 2008-2010View 

AFFOR, Louis AFFOR Born In London (England) On 29/08/1972 1993View 

AGAR, Roy 1953-1959View 

AGGIO, Ray 1975-1978View 

AGGIO, Les 1975-1977View 

AGHADIUNO, Benjy AGHADIUNO Born In Enfield On 30/01/2000 2017View 

AGOGO, Junior AGOGO Born In Accra On 01/08/1979 2002-2003View 

AKINDE, Sam AKINDE Born On 14/04/1993 2017View 

AKINDE, John AKINDE Born In Camberwell On 08/07/1989 2014-2018View 

AKINOLA, Simeon AKINOLA Born In Lagos On 09/08/1992 2017-2020View 

AKINTUNDE, Femi AKINTUNDE Born On 17/05/1993  View 

AKPA-AKPRO, Jean-Louis AKPA-AKPRO Born In Toulouse On 04/01/1985 2016-2018View 

AKURANG, Cliff AKURANG Born On 27/02/1981 2008-2009View 

ALBERT, T 1950View 

ALCOCK, ?? 1921View 

ALDERMAN, ??  View 

ALDOUS, W 1926-1929View 

ALEXANDER, Keith ALEXANDER Born In Nottingham On 14/11/1956 1986-1988View 

ALEXANDER, Cheye ALEXANDER Born On 06/01/1995 2018-2020View 

ALEXANDER, Tim 29/03/1974 1993-1994View 

ALLEN, Oliver ALLEN Born On 07/09/1986 2007View 

ALLEN, Ifeanyi ALLEN 2012-2014View 

ALLEN, Walter 1912-1925View 

ALLEN, Levi  View 

ALLEN, ?? 1944View 

ALLEY, K 1934-1941View 

ALMEIDA SANTOS, Ricardo ALMEIDA SANTOS Born In Almada (Spain) On 18/06/1995 2017-2020View 

ALSFORD, Julian ALSFORD Born On 24/12/1972 1998View 

AMALUZOR, Justin AMALUZOR Born In Southwark (England) On 17/10/1996 2015-2018View 

ANDERSON, Peter 1967-1969View 

ANDERSON, AT 1928View 

ANDREWS, A 1928View 

ANDREWS, F 1940View 

ANDREWS, ?? 1943View 

ANDREWS, W 1945View 

ANGELL, Darren ANGELL Born In Marlborough On 19/01/1967 1988-1989View 

ANGOL, Ivor ANGOL 1987View 

ANGUS, Stevland ANGUS Born On 16/09/1980 2007View 

ANNESLEY, Louie ANNESLEY Born On 03/05/2000 2022View 

ANSCOMBE, Dave 1983View 

ANSELL, Gary ANSELL Born On 08/11/1978 1999-2000View 

ANSELL, T 1931-1932View 


ANTHONY, Byron ANTHONY Born In Newport On 20/09/1984  View 

APPLEBEE, E 1930View 

APPLETON, Prince APPLETON Born On 10/10/1992  View 

ARBER, Mark ARBER Born In Johannesburg On 09/10/1977 1998-2002View 

ARCHER, D 1960View 

ARDEN, R 1946View 

ARMITAGE, ?? 1925View 

ARMITAGE, J 1935View 

ARMSTRONG, Marvin ARMSTRONG Born On 13/01/1999 2022-2023View-

ARMSTRONG, Gary ARMSTRONG Born On 02/01/1958 1983View 

ARNOLD, D 1957View 

ASHBY, EJ 1926View 

ASHBY, S 1923-1924View 

ASHFORD, Noel ASHFORD Born In Barking On 15/02/1958 1987-1988View 

ASHTON, ??  View 

ASHWORTH, Lawrence 1982-1984View 

ASKEW, Jake ASKEW Born In London On 08/02/2002 2022View 

ATHA, EM 1925View 

ATIENO, Taiwo ATIENO Born In Brixton (England) On 06/08/1985 2012-2013View 

ATKINS, Stewart ATKINS 1982-1985View 

ATKINS, T 1926View 

ATKINS, W 1946View 

ATKINS, H 1926View 

ATTFIELD, James ATTFIELD Born On 21/08/1992  View 

ATTREE, ?? 1925View 

AUSLEY, TC 1933View 

AVIS, D 1913View 

AWARITEFE, Francis AWARITEFE Born In London On 18/04/1964 1988View 

AYERS, RN 1919View 

AYLOTT, A 1914View 

AYLOTT, S 1938-1946View 

AZAZE, Aymen AZAZE Born On 20/12/2001 2020-2023View-

1 WALKER, Laurie  View
4 COLLINGE, Danny  View
5 ARMSTRONG, Marvin  View
6 OKIMO, Jerome  View
7 HALL, Rob  View
8 GORMAN, Dale  View
9 KABAMBA, Nicke  View
10 POWELL, Daniel  View
11 KANU, Idris  View
12 CALLAN, James  View
14 PRITCHARD, Harry  View
16 FLANAGAN, Kian  View
17 GRANVILLE, Sam  View
18 SMITH, Connor  View
21 WYNTER, Ben  View
23 BEARD, Sam  View
24 REVAN, Dominic  View
25 SENIOR, Courtney  View
27 DIARRA, Moussa  View
28 WOODS, Sam  View
31 AZAZE, Aymen  View
33 DE HAVILLAND, Ryan  View
47 LOZA, Jamar  View

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