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View WRIGHT, RE 5237782039510871.15
View COVINGTON, Alf 775410132309813270.13
View FIGG, Brian 5236610146668069.23
View IVES, P 775391527811816068.83
View BLOYCE, HE 5235710176809667.31
View GATLAND, WJ 634291223510812766.67
View EDWARDS, Antony 10469122327412514966.35
View BRIMACOMBE, Tony 7751121423311012366.23
View WARMAN, Bobby 260172385071432339166.15
View POWELL, H 160105154052426525965.63
View DRAKE, Roy 212138284657828229665.09
View CASEY, Terry 156101262944720124664.74
View JONES, Percy 14996173646026219864.43
View PICKING, Les 281181475375435839664.41
View MACDONALD, FG 12077133035721314464.17
View RYMAN, E 5032612159916864.00
View ROBERTSON, Stuart 694410151938710663.77
View HARDING, Tony 211134374058527431163.51
View PYMM, F 12075123339822717162.50
View BELGER, Bill 8855102322312310062.50
View KIMBER, G 66416191861176962.12
View VOYCE, Jeff 365225598194048845261.64
View CLARKE, Andy 86531617189989161.63
View WELCH, Johnny 8854171725112113061.36
View REILLY, Phil 186114185456633822861.29
View WHYTE, Don 15595332740018521561.29
View FINCH, Reg 4052467089107656351360.74
View MARTIN, Wally 236143296471344327060.59
View NUGENT, Richard 734412171681046460.27
View PULLEN, L 10865103334921713260.19
View HAWKINS, E 245147227672543229360.00
View GOYMER, Brian 283169476770838132759.72
View COX, Steve 935517211981089059.14
View ARMSTRONG, Marvin 5633101394613358.93
View KELLEHER, Dennis 33819929110105565639958.88
View WYNTER, Ben 58341212108713758.62
View MURPHY, Frank 1186919302531738058.47
View FIGG, Roger 356208668290648841858.43
View RICHARDSON, James 1126511363342458958.04
View FINCH, Lester 42524646133126085240857.88
View LEEK, TH 14986135044224919357.72
View BUNKER, Ted 196113245959739220557.65
View TURNER, Wayne 5934817132884457.63
View SNAITH, A 184106255355535020557.61
View BRUNT, Zak 5431914106703657.41
View RICHARDSON, Jack 3451973910999370329057.10
View MORRIS, Arthur 309176349991562129456.96
View HUGHES, George 325185459589255733556.92
View WHEELER, G 232132267467243923356.90
View JORDAN, J 192109236058840218656.77

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