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View WARMAN, Bobby 5233109127616663.46
View CLARKE, Andy 86531617189989161.63
View NUGENT, Richard 734412171681046460.27
View COX, Steve 945517221991118858.51
View FINCH, Reg 74431615168947458.11
View MURPHY, Frank 1166719302441687657.76
View TURNER, Wayne 5934817132884457.63
View POOLE, Gary 15085234231720411356.67
View WILLIS, Roger 1066019272261359156.60
View PICKING, Les 10660232324013810256.60
View BEATTIE, Andy 57321213113605356.14
View HINTON, Marvin 84471621153985555.95
View TAPPING, Terry 1156423282131427155.65
View SHOWLER, Paul 854712261651135255.29
View WHYTE, Don 985421232191299055.10
View BARR, Johnny 16691344137723314454.82
View BULL, Gary 212116385842028613454.72
View BODLEY, Mick 1437828372811849754.55
View PRICE, Terry 904919221691145554.44
View LOWE, Kenny 1055717312001465454.29
View HOWELL, Dave 985318271941296554.08
View NAYLOR, Dominic 63341118119853453.97
View STACEY, Phil 754011241431063753.33
View ROACH, Dennis 16286344235923112853.09
View PAYNE, Derek 1216424332211526952.89
View FAIRBROTHER, Johnny 1206326312161536352.50
View ALEXANDER, Keith 86452417183929152.33
View BROWN, Dennis 1176122342051545152.14
View CARTER, Mark 1135818372051693651.33
View LOPEZ, Guy 5528151288672150.91
View ADAMS, Charlee 5729121685681750.88
View SMITH, Keith 63321417143954850.79
View VILLA, Luisma 67341518122744850.75
View VOYCE, Jeff 1035224272101426850.49
View FIGG, Roger 17588384938525413150.29
View LEES, Walter 1356728402361815549.63
View HORTON, Duncan 793913271531213249.37
View CREASER, Glyn 15677364329117411749.36
View CLIST, Simon 77381920125834249.35
View STEIN, Edwin 48523710014889665923748.87
View DOCKER, John 1115420372131734048.65
View KING, Barrie 3771838710775151523648.54
View KINNEAR, Chris 683313221351023348.53
View WOODEND, Wilf 1346529402211675448.51
View WARD, Gerry 238115517246332613748.32
View SAVILLE, Jack 83401627125982748.19
View TURLEY, Tony 1316326422641947048.09
View BROWN, Peter 301144698855338816547.84
View EASON, Les 50924312014694665429247.74
View LOMAS, Andy 823917261621204247.56

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