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Now that we've gone through the records (back to 1996-1997) and collated bookings and red cards, here's the full list of indiscipline.

The "discipline points" is calculated by multiplying any red cards by two and adding on yellows. Data is for all competitive matches apart from FA Trophy and FA Cup qualifying rounds as we couldn't find the info.

View HATCH, Liam 40142
View HENDON, Ian 36240
View HEALD, Greg 34238
View AKINDE, John 33135
View DOOLAN, John 32134
View HUGHES, Mark 32134
View TAYLOR, Harry 31031
View YIADOM, Andy 27231
View WESTON, Curtis 28028
View SINCLAIR, Dean 20428
View ARBER, Mark 22328
View KING, Simon 25127
View DAVIDS, Edgar 16526
View YAKUBU, Ismail 21225
View WILSON, Paul 23125
View BYRNE, Mark 23023
View KANU, Idris 22022
View LEE, Dwane 18222
View STREVENS, Ben 22022
View HOWARTH, Lee 17221
View DEVINE, Sean 17221
View DEMBELE, Bira 18120
View SWEENEY, Dan 18120
View GORMAN, Dale 19019
View GILLET, Kenny 15219
View BAILEY, Nicky 19019
View LEARY, Michael 12318
View VILHETE, Mauro 18018
View DEVERA, Joe 16118
View STEPHENS, David 16118

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A huge thank you also to Rob Cavallini whose Barnet history books set the basis for our journey to complete all statistics back to the start of Barnet FC.

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